Unshaken – God’s Will

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Unshaken
Sermon Title:
God’s Will


Relationships are important, and knowing how to relate is so vital in the church.

Today we look at three different categories in which to relate correctly –

The three are with spiritual leaders, with others and with God

Transition: Let’s look at these more closely


A. How to Relate to Spiritual Leaders

Let’s Read 1 Thess. 5:12

What three verbs are mentioned about spiritual leaders?

  1. They __________

2. They __________

3. They __________

Read verse 13, how are we to respond to spiritual leaders?

vv. 12 and 13 give us two ways: Give recognition and highly regard. How are these different?

The Principle here is:

Recognize spiritual leaders by their service, not their title

Transition: The second directive gives insight in . . .

B. How to Relate with Others

Let’s Read verses 13b – 15

How are we to relate with others in these scripture?

  1. v. 13

2. v. 14

3. v. 14

4. v. 14

5. v. 14

6. v. 15

7. v. 15

The Principle here is:

Meet people where they are, not where you expect them to be.


We have looked at how to relate to spiritual Leaders and others, now, how do we relate to God?

C. How to Relate to God

Let’s Read verses 16-19

We find six mind and heart-set words –

  1. Rejoice _______

2. Pray _________

3. Give thanks __ __________

4. Don’t ______ the Spirit

5. Don’t ______ teachings (prophecies)

6. Test the _________ (all things spoken)

The Principle here is:

Be constantly aware of God’s presence in your life


Personal Application:

As you assess these three areas of relationship, which one is priority for you?

Your homework assignment:

Pick just one, share it if you like, and intentionally work on this relationship over the next month

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

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