Wise Up – What is Wisdom?

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Wise Up
Sermon Title:
What is Wisdom?


When you think of wisdom, what comes to your mind?

Transition: Let’s look at wisdom more closely today . . .

Read Proverbs 14:12

What is the truth in this verse?

Pastor Andy shared a definition of Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to judge, what is true, accept that truth,

and act upon that truth.

Transition: Let’s look at three aspects of wisdom today . . .


A. Wisdom has a Source

Read Proverbs 2:6

Who is the source of wisdom?

How is wisdom connected to knowledge and understanding in this verse?

Read Proverbs 9:10

The fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. What does that mean?

What is understanding?

Transition – We have seen the source of wisdom, the second consideration is

B. Wisdom makes an Offer

Read Proverbs 1:20-21

What active verbs in these verses suggests how wisdom makes an offer?

Where (what different locations) is wisdom found? How do you interpret this?

Read Proverbs 1:23-26

If we respond to wisdom’s offer, what happens?

If we refuse or neglect wisdom’s offer, what happens?

Transition: What’s the third aspect of wisdom?

C. Wisdom demands an Action

Read James 3:13

Action in this verse is referred to “works”.

What place does wisdom have to do with one’s works?

How can wisdom direct us as we practice our piety (through works), ie. forgiving, praying, exhorting?


Personal Application:

How do we apply wisdom daily?

Truthallow wisdom to guide our decisions and actions

Your homework assignment:

What will you work on this week? Source – Offer – Action?

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

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