Noel – Becoming A King

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Noel
Sermon Title:
Becoming A King

Break the Ice:
  • Noel, when you hear that name, what do think about?
  • Do you know what Noel means?

Today, in our study will introduce “Becoming A King”

Bring the Word

Matthew wants the reader to know that Jesus is the rightful King!

Read Matthew 1:1-2, 17

How does one become A King? Two ways:

Illegitimate Ways to Become a King

  1. ______________ – Proclamation (Make A)
  2. ______________ – another Kingdom (Overthrow)

Legitimate Ways to Become A King

  1. Be ___________ of Royalty (Born)
  2. Be ___________ as King (Anointed)

Read 1 Samuel 16:13

When David was anointed, what else occured? Is this significant?

A Truth to Ponder

You Were Made for _____________ (Kingship/Queenship)

Read Genesis 1:26

What is mankind called to do with fish, birds, sky, livestock, the earth?

Read Genesis 1:28

Complete the verse, “ Be fruitful . . . ____________________

Read Genesis 2:15

What does it mean to work and watch over the garden?

How did Adam and Eve do?

Truth: We were made for Royalty, but mankind Adam and Eve abused and abdicated their authority through sin.

Transition: But God completed the rest of the story. The Bible from Genesis to Revelation communicates THE STORY of reclamation of Kingship and Authority, In Jesus Christ!

Bring it Home:

Jesus is the _____________ King (Rightful)

Read Isaiah 9:6

Who is the son/child in v. 6?

What do the descriptors connote in this scripture about Jesus?

Read Genesis 49:10

What is the meaning/representation of “scepter and staff”.

Read John 18:37

How did Jesus answer Pilate?

Read Matthew 3:16

What happened after Jesus’ baptism (water anointing)?

Why is this significant?

Personal Application: Who is your King? What are you doing to honor Him as such?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Anything changed in your understanding of Becoming A King?

Let’s Pray

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