Parables – The Talents

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Parables
Sermon Title:
The Talents

Break the Ice:
  • If someone left you ten million dollars and you could only do one thing with it, what would you do?
  • Say: In this weeks parable, we looked at the parable of the talents. Not to be confused with our English use of the word, a talent was simply about 20 years worth of an annual salary. It was a large sum of money to be entrusted!
Bring the Word: 
  • Read Matthew 25:14-30
    • Why do you think the master entrusted different amounts to different servants? (“Each according to his ability.”)
    • How well did the master know the servants? (Evidently, pretty well!)
    • What two words did the master use to describe the first two servants, and what do they mean? (Good and Faithful)
    • What two words did the master use to describe the third servant, and what do they mean? (Evil and Lazy)
    • Stephen asked several times, “How well are you managing your life?” How would you answer this question?
  • Say: You can’t manage what you don’t inventory. In other words, the first step to managing something well is understanding what you have been given.
    • What are some things God has entrusted to you? (Lead people to think of many things of which God has entrusted to them: family, job, spiritual gifting, time, money, talents, friendships, car, home, area of expertise, etc.)
Bring it Home:
  • Read Luke 12:48
    • What is to be required and/or expected of those who have been entrusted with so much? What do you think that means?
  • Read 1 Thessalonians 2:4
    • If we have been entrusted with the gospel message, what should we do with it?
    • Why is it good to remember that one day we will give an account for what we have been entrusted with?
    • How can we battle the temptation to regard our stuff as mine?
    • What are some good metrics to evaluate if you’re stewarding well or not?

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