Session 6: Know Christ – Jesus Must Suffer

Summary: In today’s study we discuss why Jesus had to suffer. On the surface, Jesus suffered as a fulfillment of prophecy and it also demonstrated His humanity, but there’s more to it! Suffering is a result of sin and it was God’s will that Christ had to suffer to atone for sin. Perhaps one of the reasons this was God’s will was to contrast Adam (who faced suffering as a result of going against God’s will) with Christ (who faced suffering while following God’s will).

Break the Ice

  • What’s the worst pain you have ever felt?

Bring the Word

Read Matthew 16:13-21

  • Can death happen without suffering?
  • Why do you think Christ must suffer?

Read Genesis 2:15-17; 3:8-19

  • Was eating the fruit God’s will?
  • How does choosing our will over God’s will describe sin?
  • What results come from the sin in the garden? 
  • Why do Adam and Eve cover themselves?
  • Why do they hide?
  • Are fear, shame, pain, and toil types of suffering?
  • Do death and suffering exist prior to sin? (Note: This is why it’s important to believe in the Genesis account of creation. Evolution says death has always been around. Genesis teaches the truth that death is only the result of sin.)

Read Isaiah 53:1-12

  • Who is this prophecy about?
  • Whose desire or will was it for Christ to suffer? (some translations grief, sorrows, sickness, etc.)

Bring it Home

Read Luke 22:39-46

  • Did Christ know it was God’s will that He should suffer?
  • Did Christ want to suffer?
  • What are some reasons we use to avoid following God’s will?
  • How do those reasons compare to what Jesus faced?
  • How can we pray for you?

Begin a Discipline

Prayer: Pray God shows you areas of your life that need to be aligned with His will.

Reading: Continue reading but try out reading at different times of the day.

Reflection: Reflect on what stands out from reading at different times of the day.  Also, take note of the benefits from reading at different times of day.

Journaling: Continue journaling how the passage relates to you and what you learned about God in passage.

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