Episode 14: Sampson (pt. 2)

Break the Ice.

  • In your reading of Samson this past week what similarities or parallels have you found with Jesus? 

Bring the Word.

Read Judges 13:1-5; Luke 1:26-34; and Matthew 1:21.

  • What similarities do you find between these accounts?
[Birth announced by angel;  barren womb verses virgin womb . What other women were barren before birth? This signifies something being set apart by God starting with the tree of knowledge of good and evil (see Genesis 1:29 and 2:16)]
  • What differences between the two accounts?
  • What were they both set apart for? (Both set apart as deliverers before birth.)

Read Judges 14:5-7 and Mark 9-13.

  • What similarities do you find between these passages?
  • What differences?

(The Spirit of the Lord comes on Sampson, but it’s very private. The Spirit descends on Jesus in public at His baptism.)

Read Judges 15:1-8; and Mark 11:15-18.

  • What are the similarities? (Both men exacting vengeance. )
  • What was Samson’s vengence for?
  • What was Jesus’ vengance for?
  • Which was justified?

Read Judges15:9-12; and John 11:47-54.

  • What similarities are found here?

(Both men are turned over to the respective ruling authorities by their own people for upsetting the status quo. God was seeking a confrontation as a means to bring deliverance. and in both examples, the people God was seeking to deliver where trying to avoid the confrontation by handing over the deliverer!)

  • What are the differences?

Read Judges 16:6-16; and Luke 4:1-13.

  • What are the similarities?

(Both men confronted 3 times to give up their authority/source of power.)

  • How does Jesus response differ from Sampson’s response? (Note how Samson begins to come close to giving away the answer and Jesus in no way entertains what Satan offers.)
  • What does this show us about how we should deal with temptation?

Read Judges 16: 17-20; John 2:13-19; and Matthew 26:59-63.

  • Both men gave up their authority/source of power willingly the 4th time.  Why did each one give up his power/authority?

Read Judges 16:21-22; and Mark 15:33-39.

It seems both men have been defeated by the enemy.

Read Judges 16: 23-30; and Luke 24:1-8.

  • What is similar?

(Both came back after what seemed to be there defeat to accomplish what God had set them apart for. Samson took the lead in defeating the Philistines by killing many of their leaders.  Jesus bore the punishment of our sins in death then defeated death through the resurrection!)

Also note: There are more parallels here than we have time to cover for instance another is the position of Sampson placing hands on pillars followed by the crushing weight of the building coming down on him (Judges 16:29-30) verses Jesus on the cross with the crushing weight of God’s wrath and punishment for our sins coming down on him!

Bring it Home.

  • Samson was used as a foreshadowing of Christ, and we are called to be imitators of Christ.  What is the difference between foreshadowing and imitating?  
  • Samson exhibits many flaws and yet was still chosen to be used as a foreshadowing of Christ. How do you apply this to yourself being a flawed imitator of Christ?
  • There are many that came before and after christ pretending to be or claiming to be the messiah. What is the difference between foreshadowing christ and impersonating christ? 
  • What is the difference between imitating christ and impersonating christ?
  • How can we pray for you?

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