Episode 2: Saul (pt.1)

Break the Ice.

  • What was your favorite childhood TV show?  

Bring the Word.

Read 1 Samuel 9:1-3,14-21

  • What do we learn about Saul’s appearance?
  • What do we learn about Saul’s view of himself?

Read 1 Samuel 10:17-26

  • Why do you think Saul was hiding among the supplies?
  • How much of a role do you think Saul’s appearance played in the people approving of Saul as king?

Read 1 Samuel 11:1-15

  • Why would Nahash agree to allow Jabesh Gilead to try to send for rescuers?
  • What was the reaction of the people? Why do you think they would react this way?
  • Can you think of a time when you maybe “threw in the towel” before a situation actually played out?
  • Why was Saul’s reaction so effective? (The verse highlights both a spiritual aspect and a worldy threat to their livelihood).
  • Who does Saul give credit for the victory?


Bring it Home.

  • Why does God chose to work through us, and not just accomplish His will on His own?
  • If we give God the glory for the victories we experience, do we still benefit from them? 
  • What does this tell us about God’s love for us?
  • What victories can you give God glory for?
  • How can we pray for you?

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