Episode 4: David (pt.1)

Break the Ice.

  • What is one place you would love to go if money were no option?

Bring the Word.

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13

  • Why was Samual afraid of Saul?
  • Why do you think David was originally left out of this meeting?
  • What does God say that man looks at? And what does God say that He looks at?
  • Is there a way for man to look at someone’s heart?

Read 1 Samuel 16:14-23

  • How is it possible for an evil spirit to be from the Lord?
  • Does Saul know about David’s anointing at this point? How would that have affected Saul’s decision to summon who would be his successor?
  • What do you think was going through David’s mind being summoned by the king he had been anointed to replace? 
  • Why did God use David as an instrument for Saul’s relief from torment?

Read 1 Samuel 17:1-16

  • Verses 4-7 give a pretty detailed description of Goliath’s physical size and strength.  Who else would have stood out physically among the Isrealites? (Refer to 1 Samuel 10:24 – Saul)
  • Try to describe what you think the morale/vibe was like in the Isrealite camp after 40 days of taunting from Goliath.  What would you be thinking if you were one of the soldiers?

Bring it Home.

Read 1 Samuel 17:20-39

  • How does David view himself vs Goliath? Why?
  • How does Saul view David vs Goliath? Why?
  • Why do you think Saul would agree to send David?
  • Why do you think Saul placed his own armor on David?
  • What are some areas of your life that you find it easier to approach from a David/spiritual perspective? Why?
  • What are some areas of your life that you find it easier to approach from a Saul/worldly perspective? Why?
  • How can we pray for you?

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