Episode 6: David (pt.3)

Break the Ice.

  • Without  over thinking, if you could only pick one for the rest of your life, which would you pick: 

    • Pancakes or Waffles? 
    • Coffee or Tea? 
    • Oreos or Chocolate Chip Cookies? 
    • iPhone or Android? 

Bring the Word.

Read Psalm 22:1-13

  • How would you describe David’s situation as he writes this psalm?
  • What are some instances in David’s life that fit this description?
  • Have you ever been in, or are you currently in a situation, where David’s words here speak to you?
  • Does the opening of this psalm sound familiar? (Refer to Mark 15:34)
  • Read Psalm 22:14-18. What parts of this passage sound familiar to you?

Read Psalm 54:1-7 include intro (refers to 1 Samual 26)

  • Who is David talking about in verses 3 and 5?

Read 1 Samuel 31:1-13

  • How does Saul die? Why would Saul’s sword bearer not kill him?
  • How likely is it for Saul and three of his sons, including Jonathan, to die in this battle?

Read 2 Samuel 1:1-4

  • How do you think David felt about the news of Saul’s death?

Bring it Home.

Read 2 Samuel 1:5-16

  • We see a different story from the Amalekite about how Saul died.  Why do you think he would embellish the story the way that he did?
  • Why would David kill the Amalekite?
  • It is easy to understand David grieving for Jonathan, but why grieve for Saul after all these years of him trying to kill David?
  • How much of a role did Saul play in shaping King David and causing him to grow in his faith?

Read Luke 23:34

  • How does David parallel this statement by Jesus?
  • Could you treat your persecutors with such grace?
  • It’s much easier said than done to treat your persecutors with grace such as David and Jesus do. Are there ways that you can start practicing this in your life?
  • How can we pray for you?

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