Bringing the ENERGY to Antioch Kids

by Stephen Castleberry


Have you ever been somewhere where everything seems alive, fun, and exciting? You couldn’t help but be energized!

On the other hand, you’ve probably also gone somewhere that seemed dead, dull, and boring. No matter your mood before, you were instantly brought down.

As leaders, we have the power to energize kids or to bore kids.

We can bring the fun or we can bring the blah.

The kids that God has entrusted to us to serve each week are forming their life-long perceptions about church based on what we do. Are we setting them up to love and enjoy church or to dread and disconnect from it?

Our weeks can be long.
Our bosses can be overbearing.
Our family can even stress us out—even on the way to church.

But when we enter Antioch Kids, we are a part of a sacred stewardship—God has entrusted those kids, those specific kids, to us for a short time.

That’s why we bring the energy.
That’s why we bring the fun.
That’s why we bring an attitude of excitement.

So, how do we do that?

We start the night before with good rest.

If we are going to bring 100% for God and for our kids, we need to get the rest we need. Going to bed early for this reason honors God.

We begin the morning early.

If we’re getting rest earlier, we can get up earlier so that we are not crunched for time. Nothing torpedos a good attitude like running late.

We anticipate that God is going to work in the lives of kids.

Seeing God work in front of your very own eyes is so thrilling—expect it! Pray that God would give you a spirit that anticipates with eagerness the time you will spend with kids that God loves and that Christ died for.

Let’s be a five-star leader, a giving-it-our-all mentor, the #1 fan of Antioch Kids—because what you do matters for all of eternity.

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