Blessed – The Hungry

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Blessed
Sermon Title:
The Hungry

Break the Ice:
  • If your child asked to have cotton candy for dinner, what would you say? Why?
  • What are some spiritual “cotton candy” equivalents that people pursue, hoping to satisfy the hunger of their heart?
  • Why don’t they work?
  • Say: This past week, Pastor Andy drove home one main point. There are things we reach for that cannot fulfill the things we long for. Jesus promised in the fourth beatitude that there’s a blessing for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. The blessing is they will be filled! Let’s see how we can experience a full life by discussing together what it means to reach for righteousness.
Bring the Word: 
  • Read Isaiah 55:1-5
    • According to verse 1, who is this invitation for? (everyone who is thirsty)
    • According to verse 1, what is the invitation to? (come to the water)
    • How much does this water cost? (it’s free!)
    • How would you describe water to a thirsty person? (refreshing, satisfying, etc.)
    • How does this describe what we experience when we come to God?
    • What else in this passage sticks out to you?
  • Read John 4:1:15
    • What is this woman doing at the well midday?
    • How did the woman respond to Jesus’ request for a drink?
    • What do you think Jesus meant by living water?
    • What did Jesus say about the water from the well in verse 13?
    • How would a person receive the water that Jesus is offering?
Bring it Home:
  • Why do you think people don’t reach for the living water that Jesus offers, and instead reach for temporary water the world offers?
  • What happens in our hearts, when we continually reach for things that cannot satisfy?
  • Share about at time in your life when you were reaching for something that could not satisfy?
  • How would you encourage someone to reach for the living water? What practical things can we do to remind ourselves to continually reach for Christ?

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