Raising the Bar with Enemies

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Raising the Bar
Sermon Title:
My Enemy

Break the Ice:
  • Psalm 145:9 says, “The Lord is good to everyone . . .”
  • This means you and me, our children, but also “to everyone else”

Does that mean even our real or perceived enemy or

adversary? Let’s unpack this today in our study

Bring the Word: 
  • Read Matthew 5:43-44
    • What does Jesus say in these passages that is counter-cultural?
    • Andy differentiated between what is natural and what is necessary . . .
    • How did that strike you?
    • For instance God’s love is natural, however, God’s judgement is necessary.
    • Therefore, loving and praying for our enemies is necessary.
  • Read Matthew 5:45
    • What promise is attached with this verse?
    • So . . . in order to look like your Father in heaven – you and I love like the Father.
  • Read Psalms 145:9 again, especially the last part
    • God’s compassion rests on whom?
    • Is anyone left out?
Bring it Home:
  • In order to love our enemy, we are to see them as our neighbor, through the eyes of God. The way you love your enemy is the way you love your neighbor! The Parable of the Good Samaritan instructs us.
  • Read Luke 10:35-47
  • What example do we see from the Samaritan, a person that the Jews despised, and considered an enemy, and vice versa.
  • How did the Samaritan (an enemy to a Jew) love this man?
  • A. He saw the man – What does this mean?
    • He saw with his eyes, the man’s need
  • B. He was moved with compassion – What does this mean?
    • He saw with his heart, the man’s need
  • C. He got involved in the man’s situation
    • He showed him mercy (v. 37)
    • How? What seven things did he do, offer the man in vv. 34-35?
    • List them out . . .
  • In verse 37, What command does Jesus give us?
  • Read Matthew 5:46-48
    • So we are called to a higher bar, Jesus raises the bar today
    • What example does he utilize in these verses?
  • Remember Two Things:
    • If you want to look like the world, then love those who love you
    • If you want to look like the Father, then love those the Father loves, even your adversary (enemy)

Take A Way

What was the compelling take-a-way for you in this study?

Let’s pray . . .

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