Noel – Adored King

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Noel
Sermon Title:
Adored King

When you hear the word Adore or Adoration, what comes to your mind?


The wisemen in Matthew 2 give us a good example to emulate.

Let’s understand why . . .

Bring the Word

READ Matthew 2:1-12

What are three life changes that can occur when a person encounters Jesus?

Let’s discover 3 Examples of the Wisemen

A. Diligent Seeking

What are you seeking?

READ Hebrews 11:6

What is pleasing to God according to this scripture?

Those who seek God, must believe two things, what are they?



Truth: One doesn’t accidentally arrive. One must purposefully pursue!

B. Courageous Faith

Read Matthew 2:9 What is significant in these words, “they went on their way, and there it was . . .

Insight: When we take a step of faith, God reveals the way!

C. Genuine Worship

READ Zephaniah 3:14-15

What should lead to one’s celebration and praise in verse 15?

Truth: Three Components of Genuine Worship

  1. Joy of Spirit
  2. Humility of Heart
  3. Offering of Gift giving


Bring it Home:

Read John 1:38

Why did Jesus ask the disciples this question?

Personal Application:

What are you seeking?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

What was your one take-a-way from The Adored King today?

Let’s Pray

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