Small Moments

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Sermon Series: Small Things
Sermon Title:
Small Moments

Why are small things important?


This new series looks at small things that are necessary from you and me this year.

If you want to see God do BIG things, you and I need to be committed

to doing the small things.

Bring the Word

READ Luke 9:10-17

What three things did Jesus do with the crowd in v. 11?





Jesus invites us from the crowd to the committed and from being a consumer

to a contributor!

Read v. 12 again. What were the disciples focused on?

In v. 13, how did Jesus respond?


  1. Jesus doesn’t agree with the disciples unbelief.
  2. Jesus doesn’t scold his disciples for their lack of faith.
  3. Jesus does bless the food in prayer and keeps giving it to the disciples to share with the crowd.

Read Luke 9:1-3

In v. 3, what were the disciples to take with them on their mission?

Why no food, travel bag, money, or extra shirt?

Truth: Jesus was teaching the disciples to totally depend on God.

Transition: Jesus was teaching and encouraging the disciples that when you serve God, you serve him in faith and dependence upon Him for the results

Bring it Home:

Personal Application:

If you want to see God do BIG THINGS, you and I must do the small things!

Close it out:

What are three small things that you can do this year routinely in your commitment

to God?




What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

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