OPEF – Caleb

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Ordinary People – Extraordinary Faith
Sermon Title:

God uses ordinary people to serve His purposes, even Seniors!


Do you think there is an age limitation on serving God?

Bring the Word

Read Joshua 14:7-10

in v. 7, What kind of a report did Caleb bring back?

in v. 8, What does Caleb remind Joshua about how he followed God?

Read verse 11-12

in v. 11, what was Caleb’s declaration?

in v. 12, what does Caleb ask?

Does Caleb speak in faith? How?

A nugget – Caleb means “whole-hearted, or faithful”

Truth: Caleb made claim on a promise presently, that was promised 45 years earlier!

Caleb’s Mindset was Faith and Engagement, not in Idleness and Laziness

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6b

The warning to you and me is ?

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:7

Who does Paul ask the church to imitate? What were they to imitate?

A. Caleb’s Mindset – There’s unfinished Work to be Done!

B. Caleb’s Mindset – Someone ought To Do It, and that Someone is ME!

C. Caleb’s Mindset – I will Follow the Lord Completely!

TRUTH – Our purpose is not to coast to the finish-line, but to run full-out faithfully, and daily.

Bring it Home:

Personal Applications:

Read Acts 20:22-24

in v. 22, Paul was compelled by whom?

In v. 23, what did the Holy Spirit warn Paul?

in v. 24, Paul considered(focused) on what?

Apply ItCaleb and Paul finished their course strong, how will you and me finish?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

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