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Sermon Series: Ordinary People – Extraordinary Faith
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What does it mean to take up someone’s spiritual mantle?

Why do you think this is important in God’s plan and economy?

Today we will glean insight from the story Elisha and Elijah . . .


Read 1 Kings 19:19-21

What was Elisha doing in v. 19?

— Elisha was having an ordinary day, doing an ordinary thing, plowing in the field.

What did Elijah throw over Elisha? Why is this significant?

What did the mantle of Elijah represent?

TRUTH – You can’t PASS ON, what you don’t first PICK UP !

Read v. 20 – What does Elisha request, and what does Elijah’s reply to Elisha mean?

It could mean, “Go back, but remember what I have done for you”

Read v. 21 – What did Elisha do? What is the significance of his action?

TRUTH – He destroyed his tools of his trade, forsook them all to follow God’s call !

Read 2 Kings 2:1-15

What is significant in that Elisha followed Elijah, from Gilgal to Bethel, Bethel to Jericho, Jerico to the Jordan,

Jordan to the other side?

TRUTH – Elijah strategically and systematically tested Elisha’s devotion to God’s call

for ministry !

Read 2 Kings 2:9 – What does Elisha ask of Elijah?

How do you interpret this request? Is this for his glory or for another’s?

TRUTH: God gives the blessing of the double portion to those who are willing pick up the responsibility of the mantle!

Personal Application:

Read vv. 8 and 14 again . . . What does Elisha do that he saw in Elijah’s actions?

TRUTH: What you ask of God now, He will test of you later!

Let’s review the Three Points today . . .

  • You can’t pass on, what you haven’t picked up.
  • God gives a double portion to those who are willing to pick up the responsibility of the mantle.
  • What you ask of God now, He will test of you later.

TRUTH: God uses people in our lives to be spiritual mentors, and coaches to pass on a spiritual legacy for us to inherit. Have you ever been mentored? Are you mentoring someone? Who are your spiritual Naomi’s and Paul’s? Who are your Ruth’s and Timothy’s?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Your homework – do a study on spiritual mantle, spiritual mentoring

Let’s Pray

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