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Sermon Series: Ordinary People – Extraordinary Faith
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Why is it difficult for us to see ourselves as God sees us?

Focus on circumstances or self, paralyzes us and casts a shadow on our true identity in Christ!

We will look today at how to realize our God-given identity.


Read Judges 6:1

What cause and effect do you see in this verse?

People did . . .?

God did . . .?

Israel chose to turn their back on God, so God judges them mightily.

Truth = It is not a good thing for you or me to be handed over to the enemy for punishment!

What did Midian do to the Israelites?

In v. 2 – they oppressed Israel, so that Israel hid in mountains, caves, and strongholds

In v. 4 – they destroyed their crops, and sheep, goats and donkeys, leaving nothing for them to eat

In v. 6. – they swarmed the land with their cattle and camels to lay waste to the land

TruthGod uses affliction and suffering to turn mankind back to Himself

Read Psalm 119:67 – What does this verse state?

Read Isaiah 48:10 – In this scripture, what does affliction produce?

Read Psalm 32:3-4 – How did David describe God’s hand on him?

Read Judges 6:6 – What does Israel do in their poverty and affliction?

Truth is God desires intimacy with you and me. Relationship is better than rebuke.

Transition – When Israel turned back to God (repented), God engaged by calling Gideon as their Deliverer/Warrior

Read Judges 6:11-12

How did God show up in these verses?

How did God describe Gideon?

Read Judges 6:15

How does Gideon describe himself? Where is his focus?

False Focus: Gideon is focused on his circumstances and self

True Focus: The presence of God is most fully displayed when the people of God accept the mission of God in the power of God to the Glory of God !

How many times did God remind Gideon that He would be with him?

Read vv. 12, 16, 23

Truth: God doesn’t name Gideon for who he IS, but who he will BECOME !

Personal Application:

Read Isaiah 43:1

How does God come alongside and encourage Jacob?

Read Philippians 4:13

Read Psalm 73:26

Read Isaiah 40:29

These three verses promise you and me what?

Let’s review the Three Points today . . .

  • God calls us to join him on mission, He gives us a name and His presence !
  • We as humans focus on our inadequacies and circumstances.
  • God refocuses us and reassures us that He is with us !

Truth – When we Align with God’s Will – We Step out and demonstrate our Faith, just like Gideon !

Extra !! In chapter 7 of Judges – God reduces Gideon’s army by 99%, from 32,000 to 300

to defeat the Midianites !

Read Judges 7:2 – what is the truth here?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

** For further perusal and thought – https://dailyhisdisciple.com/2022/10/10/boaz-is-a-type-of-christ/

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