How To Pray

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Sermon Series: How To
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Break the Ice:
  • Why do you think some people view prayer as a SOS or a Christmas wish list?
  • Do you think that prayer is a daily event or a daily discipline? What’s the difference?

Jesus gave His disciples a Model Prayer, or the Lord’s Prayer. Let’s dig in and really

see important aspects of prayer to follow and implement.

Bring the Word:
  • Read Matthew 6:5-7When You Pray – Honor the Boundaries
    • When we pray, where should it occur?
    • Why do you think Jesus admonished to pray in secret?(v5)
    • What does being seen by others, convey?
    • What does the word “babble” mean?(v7)
    • So put in your own words the boundaries Jesus gives us in these three verses.
  • Read Matthew 6:7b-8 – When You Pray – Embrace the Promise
    • What promise do we see in this passage?
    • Why is this significant to you and me?
Bring it Home:

A. God is the Focus – Read Matthew 6:9-10

In v. 9, we see what about God?

What should be our response to God is Holy?

In v. 10a we see that God Kingdom is Manifested. How should we respond?

God Has A Will in v. 10b. Since that’s true, then what should we seek?

In summation – God is Holy, He has a Kingdom, and His Will is active.

Therefore, how ought we to respond to His character, kingdom and will?

B. Man’s Need is the FocusRead Matthew 6:11-15

What’s the need mentioned in v. 11?

The need mentioned in v. 12 is?

The need mentioned in v. 13 focuses on?

In summation – Man’s needs focus on Daily Provision, Forgiveness and Temptation

How does this change your thought

Personal Application

What was your one compelling take-a-way for this week’s study?

How has this study changed your concept of prayer?

Closing Prayer

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