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Sermon Series: How To
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Break the Ice:
  • When you hear the word FAST, what comes to your mind?
  • Why do you think most Christians do not practice “fasting” as an ongoing spiritual discipline?

Jesus gave His disciples some instruction on spiritual fasting, so let’s look at

scripture and see the specifics.

Bring the Word:
  • Pastor Andy shared this statement, “Fasting is a break from something necessary to pursue something more necessary”.

What is significant to you in this statement?

Do the words “break” and “pursue” help in your understanding of fasting? If so, how?

  • Read Matthew 6:16-18
    • Like in giving and praying, Jesus says “when you fast”. How do you interpret this?
    • In verse 16, Jesus says what not to do, please explain in you own words.
    • What is significant with Jesus’ direction in verse 17 about fasting? How do we interpret these words?
Bring it Home:

Some Examples in Scripture for “pursuing” a Fast

seeking God, seeking God’s protection, seeking a breakthrough, grieving a situation, confessing a sin, preparing for ministry, discerning God’s will

Of these examples (on the Antioch blog) which one resonates with you presently?

Remember: The Correct Spirit in which to Fast

  • Read Isaiah 58:3-4

This scripture mentions things like oppression, contention and strife, but Pastor Andy suggested,

Start with Obedience”. Why would a spirit of obedience be better than a spirit of strife when fasting?

Two Personal Application questions:

  • Is there one reason that comes to your mind and heart for you to pursue a fast this week? Write it down.
  • How could the spiritual discipline of fasting assist you this week with this situation? Write it down.

The Promise – God sees and hears in secret our prayers and our fasting. Matthew 6:18 also says that He rewards as well !! So we have this wonderful promise to grasp as we are lead to fast.

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way for this week’s study?

How has this study changed your concept of prayer?

Let’s Pray

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