Wisdom – Small Group Guide

Sermon Series: Elements
Sermon Title:

Ice Breaker:
  • Do you have a friend or spouse that you know so well, you could order food for them? If so, who is it?
  • How does knowing someone’s desires show your level of closeness in the relationship?
  • In the message, Andy said, “There is sufficient time, to do His sufficient will, in the power of His sufficient Spirit.” How does this statement impact you? Do you agree or disagree that we all have sufficient time to do His sufficient will? Explain your answer.
Dig In: 
  • Read Ephesians 5:15-21
    • What three things does passage say are needed in our lives in order to live wisely? (1. Redeem the time. 2. Understand God’s will. 3. Be filled by the Spirit.)
    • Which one of these do you struggle with the most?
    • How did Andy define God’s will? (God’s will is simply God’s desires.)
    • How can we know God’s desires in this life?
    • Are there any other elements of wisdom you would add to this list of three?
  • Read Genesis 24:1-9
    • Why does Abraham desire a daughter from his homeland, and not a daughter of the Canaanites? (They didn’t serve the one true God.)
    • According to verse 5, what was the servants primary concern? (see verse 5.)
    • Why is Abraham adamant about Isaac remaining in the promised land?
  • Read Genesis 24:10-27
    • How does the servant commit his search to the Lord? (He prays, and seeks God’s help in the decision.)
    • What does God do in response?
    • How do we commit our ways the Lord today?

Read 1 Corinthians 4:1-2

Just as Abraham’s servant was committed to his master, we too, as servants of Christ and managers of God’s resources, must be committed to our Master.

  • What are some qualities and characteristics of a faithful manager?
  • How does managing our time well display a faith and trust in God?
  • What are some time wasters in your life that may need to be “redeemed?”

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  1. Just listened to this sermon! Speaks directly to me – this has been on my mind a lot lately. Even discussed it in Carol Whitley’s class last week. Sometimes I think God just is asking me to “Be Still”. It’s easier to hear His voice when I’m not in motion.
    Our group has begun a new book. A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by
    W. Phillip Keller. Takes a verse each chapter.. Found this in paperback in ‘95 for $1.00.
    Money well spent 😊. It’s and honor and privilege to lead this group!

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