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Sermon Series: How To
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Break the Ice:
  • When you think of “treasures”, what comes to your mind?
  • In previous weeks we’ve looked at giving, praying, fasting. These are regular and routine spiritual disciplines.

Today we focus on “treasuring”. Let’s discover what Jesus says . . .

Bring the Word:
  • Read Matthew 6:19-20

Do you think the words, “don’t store up, and store up” are suggestions or commands? Explain your answer.

What are the two locations mentioned in “storing up”?

Read v. 21 – Restate this truth in your own words

What meaning does this have for you and me today?

  • Read Matthew 6:22-23
    • What do you think is the connection, if any between the “heart” in verse 21 and the “eye” in these verses?
    • Jesus mentions two different realms in these verses, what are they?
    • Do you think that the realm of light can coexist with the realm of darkness in an individual simultaneously?
    • What correlation is there with healthy and light, and bad and darkness? Explain your answer.
Bring it Home:

Our Choice between Two Masters

Jesus says, serving two masters is impossible. As

disciple/followers of Christ, our devotion must be on 1 master.

Read verse 24 Translate this verse in your own words


  • Read Luke 12:15

Why do people in many ways define their lives by possessions,

hobbies, and bank accounts?

Our Focus on Knowing God and on what God desires!

What are a few spiritual disciplines to help in “knowing God”?

_________________ ____________________ _________________.

What are three areas that God desires and focuses on?

Read Matthew 9:13a – ___________________________

Read Hosea 6:6 – ___________________________

Read Psalm 82:3 – ___________________________

Personal Application:

How could focusing on what God focuses on this week change

your course?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way for this week’s


How has this study changed your concept of treasuring?

Let’s Pray

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