Unshaken – Audience of One

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Unshaken
Sermon Title:
Audience of One


Christians are to live their lives pleasing God not man. How do we focus on an audience of one?

Today, Paul gives us an example to follow . . . Let’s Dig into 1 Thessalonians


Read 1 Thessalonians 2:1

What was outcome of Paul’s visit with this church?

verse 2 mentions “We were treated outrageously in Philippi“, let’s read Acts 16:19-24 . .

How were they treated?

However, their suffering did not deter them, In verse 2, How did their suffering direct their ministry?

What does it mean to be emboldened?

Who gave the boldness?

The one you’re _________ to please is the one who’s _________ your life (living, leading)


What was Paul’s motive?

Truth: God’s servants do not please people, but only Him ! God is the audience of One !

Summary: Three Things God Does with His Servants (Paul and you and me)

  1. God approves His servants(4)

2. God entrusts His servants with Witness(4)

3. God examines His servants hearts for true motives (4)

Read Deut. 8:2

What promise is given in this passage about God?

Truth: Being Unshaken results from being approved, entrusted, and examined by God

Paul Modeled Ministry with two pictures of parenting

Points of Application:

A. In Ministry – Be Like A Mother

Read verses 7-10

What three forms of motherly gentleness are in this passage

  1. N__________(7)
  2. C__________(8)
  3. S__________(8)

B. In Ministry – Be Like A Father

What three characteristics of a father are in verse 12?

Read verses 12

  1. E__________(12)

2. C__________(12)

3. I___________(12)

Transition – Nurturing, caring, sharing, encouraging, comforting, and imploring have an intended purpose.

In verse 12, what is ministry purpose?

In summary:

  • God approves, entrusts and examines His servants for ministry.
  • We serve God in ministry by nurturing, caring, sharing, encouraging, comforting and imploring others

to walk worthy (or live our lives worthy of God). In other words, we ”lead people to follow Christ in a

life-changing way !

Personal Application: Who are you sowing into and mentoring today? Who is your Ruth, who is your Timothy?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Let’s Pray

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