Rule #3 – Don’t Waste the Wilderness

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Way of the Wilderness
Sermon Title:
Rule #3 – Don’t Waste the Wilderness

Break the Ice:
  • What is something you are devoted to?
  • What’s the difference between devotion and commitment?
  • In the message, Pastor Andy talked about Job’s unwavering devotion to God. He responds to the wilderness with worship. Instead of questioning God, Job uses the wilderness as an opportunity to display his true devotion the God.
Bring the Word: 
  • Read Job 2:1-10.
    • What question did God ask Satan in verse 2?
    • Do you think God knew the answer to the question? Why do you think God asked?
    • How did Satan respond? (“Just roaming around.”)
    • What specifically had Satan been up to? (He had just finished trying to get Job to curse God.)
    • How does God speak of Job in verse 3? (“He still retains his integrity, even though…”)
    • What is Satan’s plan B? (Skin for skin)
    • What does verse six teach us about God’s authority? What does it teach us about Satan’s authority? (God’s authority is unlimited and Satan’s authority is limited.)
    • How does Job respond to his wife’s “advice?”
Bring it Home: 

Today, people have left the faith for far less than what Job experienced. It’s easy for people to believe that God isn’t treating them fairily, and so they was away from the faith. Have you ever considered walking away from the faith?

Read Romans 5:1-5.

  • Like Job, we can be declared blameless. How are we declared “righteous” or “blameless” before God? (“…by faith…”)
  • Does peace with God mean we won’t ever face trials or afflictions?
  • What do afflictions produce in our lives?
  • In the sermon, Andy said, “We don’t just worship God for what He’s done. We worship God for who He is.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.
  • Is there a wilderness story in your life right now, that makes it difficult for you to worship God fully?

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