Parables – The Wheat & Weeds

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: Parables
Sermon Title:
The Wheat and Weeds

Break the Ice:
  • Ask the following question to open up the discussion, but the point is not to argue or debate the question. The point is to show that we all have varying opinions about certain topics.
  • What’s your opinion on using social media?
  • What’s your opinion on the best restaurant in town?
  • Say: The world is full of opinions, but the only opinion that truly matters is God’s opinion. The Bible calls God’s opinion, His judgement. To judge means, “to pronounce an opinion concerning right or wrong.” The parable of the wheat and weeds teaches us that God will judge every person, and His judgement will be perfect.
Bring the Word: 
  • Read Romans 2:1-11
    • According to verse 1, why should we not make judgements toward others? (We do the same things!)
    • According to verse 2, what is God’s judgement based on? (truth)
    • According to verse 4, why does God delay his judgement? (to give time for others to repent and turn to Him)
    • How does God repay each person? (according to his works)
    • What does the person who is hardened and unrepentant receive? (wrath of God)
    • What does the person who is persistent in doing good, seek glory and honor receive? (eternal life)
    • Note: Paul is not teaching that we are saved by works. The Bible is clear that the only work for salvation is faith/trust in Jesus. See John 6:29.
  • Read Matthew 13:24-30 & 13:36-43
    • What does the field represent? (the world)
    • Jesus tells us that in the world there will be children of God alongside children of the enemy. Do we see this in the world today? What are some examples of wheat? What are some examples of weeds?
    • Does it bring you anxiety or joy to know that one day God will separate the good from the bad?
    • Why do you think God has delayed the harvest day? (See 2 Peter 3:9)
Bring it Home:

In the message, Andy said, “God has a plan for you life, and Satan has a plan for your life. We get to choose who’s plan we’re yielding to?”

  • How should we live today, knowing that the harvest is coming one day?
  • How should wheat (children of God) live in a world full of weeds (children of the devil)?

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