Session 3: Know Christ -According to the Old Testament

Break the Ice

What’s an interesting story or fact about your heritage or family?

Bring the Word

Read Matthew 16:13-20

  • Why doesn’t Jesus just state who he is?
  • Is there a benefit to someone else giving testimony about who you are?
  • Where else in the Bible do we see testimony about Christ?
  • Why is the Bible divided into the Old Testament and New Testament? What are they a testament to?

Read Matthew 1:1

  • How is a genealogy a testament to who someone is?
  • Why is an emphasis placed on Jesus being descended from David and Abraham?

Read Galatians 3:16, Genesis 22:15-18

  • Why change the language used for the recipients of the promise from descendants to seed(offspring)?
  • How is the seed/offspring promise to Abraham a testament to Jesus?
  • What significance is there that Abraham’s promise follows his obedience to sacrifice Isaac?
  • Has God’s promise to Abraham been fulfilled? Is so, how?

Read 2 Samuel 7:11-16 

  • How is God’s promise to David talking about Christ? 
  • Is this retelling what we learned in the promise to Abraham or is this a separate revelation about Christ? Why?
  • Does verse 14 fit Jesus Christ if He is sinless? Why or why not?
  • Have all the promises in this passage been fulfilled? Why or Why not?
  • Why is it important that we recognize the promises that God has fulfilled?  

Bring it Home

Read Genesis 3:15

  • What will women’s seed do to the serpent?
  • What will the serpent do to the woman’s seed?
  • Which is a foreshadowing of the promise to Abraham? …David?
  • Can you think of other parts of Jesus’s Genealogy that are used to reveal something about him as the Christ?
  • How can we pray for you?

Begin a Discipline

Prayer: Continue what you have started! Add on a short time of reflection for something God has done in your life whether it’s a fulfilled promise, prayer, or need!

Reading: Do you read God’s word daily? Try picking a book(recommend Genesis, John, Matthew, Mark, or Luke) try dividing 1-2 chapters over 7 days. Each day pick one thing that stands out to you.

Already reading daily? Try picking out several verses that stick out and rereading them 1-2 more times before your next set reading time!


  • 2 Samuel 7:14 interpretation: When he does wrong=as if he does wrong
  • Order of events in promise to serpent are in order of importance not chronological
  • “strike his heel” – Christ’s death to bring the blessing of nations in the Abrahamic promise
  • “strike his head”- depose of satan to reign forever to fulfill Davidic promise

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