Gospel of John – Session 2

Break the Ice.

  • What is something you lose/misplace on a regular basis?

Bring the Word.

Come and See

Read John 1:35-39

  • What is significant about John the Baptizer calling Jesus “The Lamb of God?”
  • Do you think John was jealous of his disciples deciding to follow Jesus?
  • Jesus asked a simple yet deep question , “What do you seek?” Why does it matter how we answer this question?
  • Why did Jesus say, “Come and see,” instead of “Come and hear?”

Go and Tell

Read John 1:40-42

  • The first thing Andrew did? (He found his brother Simon Peter.)
  • This wasn’t an accidental meeting. Andrew intentionally sought out his brother.
  • What are some ways we can intentionally seek out people around us?
  • What are some things that keep us from seeking people?
  • What are some promises from God’s Word that empower us and equip us to share the gospel? (Ex: “I will be with you!”)

Bring it Home.

  1. Action Questions:
    • Who is someone in your life you need to invite to “Come and see?”
  2. Prayer:
    • How can we pray for you?


Read John 3 before next week!

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