Our Culture – Session 1

Break the Ice.

  • Share 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie, and see if we can guess which statement is a lie.

Bring the Word.


This month we are focusing on our first culture statement: People Matter. Nobody values people more consistently than Jesus.  We have been given a few examples of this in John 8-13.

  1. John 8 – The Adulterous Woman
    • In what ways did Jesus show value to the adulterous woman?
    • How did Jesus’ response differ from man’s response?
  2. John 9 – The Man Born Blind
    • In what ways did Jesus show value to the blind man?
    • How was Jesus’ perspective towards blindness different from man’s perspective?
  3. John 12 – Mary anoints Jesus.
    • Now we see Mary showing value to Jesus over showing value to the poor, and even Jesus didn’t heal everyone.  How do we balance the desire to show value to everyone with the reality we can only show value to some?   


Bring it Home.

  1. Action Questions:
    • What are some practical ways you can show value to people this week?
  2. Prayer:
    • How can we pray for you?


Read Matthew 5-7 before next week!

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