Our Culture – Session 2

Break the Ice.

  • You can have a 2 hour lunch with any person in history, dead or alive; who would it be?

Bring the Word.

This month we are focusing on our first culture statement: People Matter. Nobody values people more consistently than Jesus.  Matthew 5-7 records Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount which is loaded with truths about how to treat other people.  

There are at least 25 commands in the sermon on the mount that deal with our relationships with one another.  

  • Name 10 of them.
  • Which one of them is most difficult for you? Why?

Six times Jesus said, “the law says this…but I say…”

  • Why do you think Jesus taught this way? Was he changing the law? (see Matt. 5:17)
  • If Jesus wasn’t changing the law, what was he doing?
  • Do you think it’s possible to live this way? Or do you think it’s just an ideal?

Have someone read Matthew 6:33.

  • What does it mean to seek first His kingdom?
  • How do we apply this to our treatment of other people?

Bring it Home.

  1. Action Questions:
  • What does it look like to be salt and light to the people and community around us?
  • How can our church, or even better our small group, be a city on a hill?
  1. Prayer:
    • How can we pray for you?


Read 1 Peter 1-5 before next week!

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