Episode 7: The Blessing

Break the Ice.

  • What’s your favorite Fall activity?

Bring the Word. 

Read Genesis 31:1-3
  • Where is Jacob now now, and where is God telling him to go?
Read Genesis 32:1-8
  • How is Jacob feeling as he returns to his relatives?
  • Why is he “greatly afraid?” (vs 7)
  • What scheme does Jacob come up with?

Read Genesis 32:9-12

  • What are some key takeaways from Jacob’s transparent prayer to God?
  • Jacob has a backup plan just in case Esau attacks, but he also asks God to deliver him from Esau. Do you think Jacob completely trusted in God’s plan?

Read Genesis 32:24-32

  • Who wrestles with Jacob until dawn? How is Jacob injured?
  • What does Jacob’s limp become a permanent reminder of?
  • What else happens to Jacob besides his injury?

Read Genesis 33:1-9

  • What was the outcome of Jacob’s meeting with his brother Esau?
  • Does Esau seem to be carrying any weight from the past? Does Jacob?

Bring it Home.

  • Is there a relationship in your life that has unresolved issues?
  • What is God asking you to do about it?
  • Anything going on in your life you’d like to share with us?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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