Episode 8: The Faithfulness of God

Break the Ice.

  • What’s one word you may use a little too much?

Bring the Word. 

Moses’ life can be divided into 3 stages of 40 years. From birth to age 40, Moses was born under the threat of death and raised in Egypt according to the customs of the world. From age 40 to 80 Moses lives a quiet, humble life as a shepherd for his father-in-law Jethro. From age 80 to 120, God uses Moses to deliver Israel from bondage and lead them through the wilderness.
Read Exodus 3:1-6
  • What is Moses doing when he sees the burning bush?
  • Who did the flock belong to? What does this imply about Moses’ current status?
  • Who speaks to Moses, and what does He ask Moses to do?
  • How is God’s mission for Moses outside of Moses’ abilities, talents, and resources?
Read Exodus 3:7-12
  • Who is really going to deliver Israel from bondage in Egypt?
  • How does Moses respond to God’s commission? Why do you think he responded that way?
  • How does God affirm His plan to Moses? (verse 12)
  • How does knowing God is with us change the way we can live out God’s calling on our lives?

Read Exodus 3:13-22

  • God reveals His name to Moses. What is God’s name?
  • How is God’s name a reflection of His character?
  • How is God going to provide for Israel once they exit Egypt?
  • Did this actually occur? (read Exodus 12:35-36)

Bring it Home.

  • Do you ever feel like God’s plan for your life is outside your talents, abilities, and resources?
  • What do you do personally to keep going?
  • Anything going on in your life you’d like to share with us?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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