Episode 10: Gideon’s Fleece

Break the Ice.

  •  If you could only put one topping on vanilla ice cream, what would it be??

Bring the Word.

Read Judges 6:11-18

  • What does God want Gideon to do? (verse 14) 
  • How does Gideon object?
  • Notice that Gideon doesn’t ask for a sign to confirm the mission. He asks for a sign to confirm who is sending him on the mission. How can we know if something is from God or from man?

Read Judges 6:36-40 

  • Ask someone to explain the 2nd and 3rd sign Gideon requests from God.
  • Now what is Gideon needing confirmation for? (He wants to know if he’ll have victory!) 

Information Toolbox: It’s interesting that Gideon never asks God to clarify the mission. He doesn’t question what God is asking him to do. Gideon wants clarity to make sure this is God; (Remember, Eve got in trouble listening to a serpent) and clarity to make sure he will be victorious. 

  • Do you think Gideon’s “fleece” was necessary? Does it display his faith or lack of faith? 

Bring it Home.

  • What about us? Should we put our fleece’s to test God?
  • Read Luke 1:18-20. What happened to Zacharias when he asked for a sign?
  • Sometimes God gives a sign and other times he didn’t. Gideon’s fleece seems to be the exception, not the rule.
  • Read Romans 12:2. How can we know God’s will for our lives?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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