Episode 9: Ehud

Break the Ice.

  •  Tell us everything you know about Ehud!
  • Which of the following statements is true?
    • Ehud was an old-testament king who spoke 3 languages. 
    • Ehud was left handed and secretly stabbed a fat king in the belly. (true!) 
    • Ehud was a dessert wanderer who spent 40 years barefoot. 

Bring the Word.

Read Judges 3:7-8 and 3:12-14

  • How many years did Israel serve the king of Mesopotamia before God raised up a deliverer? (8 years) 
  • How many years did Israel serve the king of Moab before God raised up a deliverer? (18 years)
  • Why do you think it took longer during the second cycle to return to God? 
  • How does Judges 2:18-19 support your answer?

Read Judges 3:15-19

  • These verses set up the action that is about to happen. What sticks out to you? Why? 
– 3 times in Scripture left-handed is mentioned, and each time refers to Benjaminites. Think about the advantages being a group of left handed warriors would have against right handed warriors. Like a lefty pitcher in baseball.
– Benjamin means “son of (my) right hand” Ben=son Yamin=right hand
– Cubit is approximately 18 inches.
– Ehud means One
– Eglon means “calf like” or “round”
– Gilgal is where the Israelites set up the 12 stones they had taken out of the Jordan river when they crossed it. Joshua 4:19-22
– Gilgal actually gets its name in Joshua 5:8-9 right before marching against Jericho.

Read Judges 20-27

  • Ehud first says he has a “secret message” at the end of the last section then at the beginning of this section he tells him “I have a message from God for you” What’s the difference?
  • One caused the king to dismiss all his attendants(the possible witnesses) the other caused him to rise from his seat. Why?

Bring it Home.

  • After Ehud stabs the King the stench was bad enough that the servants thought he was having a bowel movement and had locked the door. Meanwhile Ehud walks right out the front doors of the palace and through the city gates without any alarm sounding.  I don’t think he liked the smell at the time but my guess would be that he enjoyed the “clean” getaway! Have you ever had a not so ideal situation in your life that God used to your advantage? What was it?

Read Judges 3:28-30

  • Is there any evidence of doubt in Ehuds opening statement here?
  • Notice he says “follow me” but he gives credit to the Lord. What does that say about his confidence?
  • What’s one area of your life where you could live a little more God-confident?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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