Episode 3: Do it Again!

Break the Ice.

  • What sports team comes to mind when you think of back to back championships?
  • Which is more difficult: To win a championship once OR to win a championship again?
  • Why is it not always easier to do something of significance the second time?

Bring the Word. 

Remember: 40 years have passed since Israel crossed the Red Sea. Anyone 40 or younger would not have experienced what their parents and grandparents experienced. They only would have heard about what God did. Yet, God will “do it again.” Will we live in such a way that shows we believe God can do it again…and again?
Read Joshua 3:1-6
  • What obstacle stands in the way of Israel and the Promised Land? How had Israel been here before?
  • In verse 5, what does Joshua tell the people?
  • What does “consecrate” or “sanctify” mean? (Hint: purify or prepare for…see Hebrew word study here)
  • Why is it important for Israel to “prepare for” what God was about to do?

Read Joshua 3:7-13

  • The ark of the covenant was a symbol of God’s presence with the people. Why does God send the ark of the covenant first?
  • The ark was “God with us.” How is Jesus and the Holy Spirit a fulfillment of God’s promise to always be with us?
  • Do you think this was a spiritual battle or a physical battle for Israel? And what about the battles we face today?
  • God did a miracle when He brought Israel out of bondage. Then, He does miracle leading them in the promised land. What does God save us out of, and what does He save in to? What happens if we only focus on one or the other?

Read Joshua 3:14-17

  • At what point does the water stop flowing? Why didn’t God part the waters before they stepped in?
  • Which statement best represents what God did?
    • A) God removed the obstacle?
    • B) God took them around the obstacle?
    • C) God lead them through the obstacle?
  • When we are faced with obstacles, which of the previous statements is our typical prayer? Be honest!

Bring it Home.

  • How can we listen more closely to where God is leading us?
  • Identify one current obstacle in your life. What would it look like for you to take a step forward this week?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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