Episode 4: Conquering Jericho

Break the Ice.

  • What is the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • Would you eat contaminated brownies?

Bring the Word. 

Jericho was one of the oldest cities in the world. It was well fortified and had a wall completely surrounding it — some places up to 25’ high and 20’ thick.  When soldiers would stand on top, and they could see for miles. It was a sign of military strength and power. Jericho was considered invincible. 

Read Joshua 6:1-5
  • What was God’s plan for conquering Jericho?
  • How would you expect the people to respond? How would you respond?
  • Why do you think God would have them start with Jericho? Why not start with some smaller cities to boost your confidence?

Key Thought: God has already shown Himself as the God over nature. He performed 10 plagues in Egypt and parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River. Now God will show Israel that He is powerful and mighty over their enemies.

Read Joshua 6:6-21

  • What stands out to you from this passage?
  • Why does God want the entire city of Jericho to be destroyed? (God pulls Israel out of pagan Egypt. He’s protecting Israel from co-mingling with a pagan Jericho.)
  • What happens if you don’t kill all the weeds in your yard or if the brownies are contaminated just a little?
  • Why does God want to protect the purity of His people?

Bring it Home.

  • How should we as Believers balance living IN the world, but not being OF the world?
  • Read John 17:14-15.  This is Jesus’ prayer for you!
  • According to Jesus’ prayer, what has been given to us to protect us from the world?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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