Episode 7: Who will you serve?

Break the Ice.

  • Play a memory game!
  • First, ask this question: How many names do you think we can remember out 15 random names?
  • Call out the following random set of names, and see how many your group can remember.  Lauren, Emily, Greg, Cathy, Fred, Matthew, Isaiah, Nicole, Jason, Kim, Oscar, Brad, Anna, Doug, Haley,
  • How many did you get!!
  • The brain has to work hard to remember random names. But what if the names were in alphabetical order? Would it be easier to remember? Say the names again twice as fast, and see how many the group can remember.  Anna, Brad, Cathy, Doug, Emily, Fred, Greg, Haley, Isaiah, Jason, Kim, Lauren, Matthew, Nicole, Oscar.
  • How many did you get this time!!
  • Why is it easier to remember, when the memory is tied to an experience?

Bring the Word. 

The book of Joshua describes the historical account of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land. God leads Israel across from East to West dividing the land in half. Next, they conquer the southern region followed by conquering the northern region. The rest of the book of Joshua describes how the landed is divided among the 12 tribes of Israel, bringing us to the final chapter of Joshua.

We can break Joshua’s final address into 3 parts: the past, the present, the future.

The Past:  Read Joshua 24:1-13
  • Israel was ready to start their future in the promised land. Why does Joshua start by recounting the past?
  • How would remembering the past encourage/embolden/bless Israel in the future?

The Present:  Read Joshua 24:14-22

  • What choice does Joshua give the people in verse 15?
  • How did Israel respond?
  • What was their response  based upon? (God’s provision in the past.)
  • How did Joshua reply to their response? (verse 19)
  • Why did Joshua respond that way?
  • How did Israel respond the second time? (verse 21)

The Future:  Read Joshua 24:23-28

  • Why did Joshua set up a large stone by the sanctuary?
  • What would happen if people forgot their commitment to serve God?

Bring it Home.

  • What is something God has clearly done in your life in the past?
  • How does God’s past faithfulness encourage/embolden/bless you in the future?
  • Is choosing to serve God a one-time decision or an ongoing decision?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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