His Story

Episode 13: Jesus’ Ascension & Return

Bring the Word

Read John 14:22-31

  • If Jesus had shown Himself to the world would we have the opportunity for salvation?
  • What purpose or role of the Holy spirit does Jesus point out?
  • What role has Jesus already fulfilled?
  • What connection does Jesus make between love and obedience?
  • What is Jesus saying when He says that he and the Father will make their home with those who obey Jesus teaching?

Read Matthew 25:31-46

  • How does Jesus’ role in his second coming differ from his role in His first coming?
  • Is it important to have His absence between these times? Why?
  • What actions are being judged as our obedience to Jesus?
  • In verse 40, is Jesus being specific about who those actions are directed to? 
  • Who would be His brothers and sisters?
  • Can we tell who His brothers and sisters are?

Bring it Home

Read Acts 1:1-11

  • Why would Jesus tell them to wait in Jerusalem for the gift the father had promised?
  • Is there significance to the order of the places Jesus tells them they will be witnesses too? (v. 8 “…in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”).
  • Between the time of Jesus as Teacher/Savior and His return as Judge/King, in what ways are we to be witnesses? 
  • Can we be witnesses without the Holy Spirit? Why or why not?
  • How can we pray for you?

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