How To Ask, Seek & Knock

Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: How To
Sermon Title:
Ask, Seek and Knock

Break the Ice:
  • When you hear the words, ask, seek and knock, what comes to your mind?

When we come to this text today, we hear Jesus share how to interact with God the Father.

Bring the Word:
  • Read Matthew 7:7-12

What are the responses to ask, seek and knock in verses 7-8?

Do you see any difference of depth or intensity in these verses?

Read James 1:6-7 – What does this scripture say about asking? Why Is this important?

Read 1 John 5:14-15 – According to this passage, what must be sought in our asking?

Summary – So when we ask, we are to ask in faith, and according to God’s will

Read Psalm 119:2 – How are we to seek?

Summary – So when we seek God, we seek him with our whole heart

Transition – In asking and seeking God, we are praying for Him to answer.


A. God’s Default is Yes, AND . . .

B. God’s Default is Best

“God’s default is yes and best together!”

Transition: But what happens if the answer to our prayers are not immediately answered?

In other words it’s not yes and the best for you and me right now in God’s mind.

Bring it Home:

Something to Ponder in our Asking and Seeking

Sometimes unanswered prayer is to conform us to the image of Christ through suffering !

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

What do we see in these verses . . .

About the risk of exalted or puffed up?

About a “thorn in the flesh” suffering? What was Paul’s thorn of suffering for?

How does God answer Paul’s request (his asking, seeking, knocking) in v. 9?

What is significant about Paul’s determined resolution in v. 10?

To close a quote from Billy Graham:

Answering the question – “Why doesn’t God seem to answer my prayers?”

So often we are inclined to think that the only answer God can give our prayers is “yes”

“No” and “wait” are certainly answers of love on the part of our Heavenly Father when we

ask Him for things which are not really for our good, (our best) or for His Glory.

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Anything changed in your understanding of asking, seeking, or knocking?

Let’s Pray

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