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Small Group Discussion Guide

Sermon Series: How To
Sermon Title:

Break the Ice:
  • How many decisions does a person have to make to enter into God’s Kingdom?

Desire by itself is insufficient to get you where you want to go. Pastor Andy will

help us understand, moving past desire to an active choice.

Bring the Word:
  • Read Matthew 7:13-14Entering the Kingdom

In order to get into the Kingdom of God . . .

I. There’s A Choice to Make

What is the choice to make?

  • Is it the gate?
  • Is it the road?
  • Is it the crowd?
  • Is it the destination?

Explain your answer.

Transition – First, there is a choice to make, it’s volitional and personal. Secondly,

II. There’s A Caution to Heed

Read v. 14 again. What leads to life?

Why do you think Jesus says the gate is “narrow” and the road is “difficult”

to LIfe?

Truth is the wide gate and wide road leads to destruction, the opposite of Life!

Transition – To enter in, we must choose the narrow gate! v. 13

So far we have seen, there’s :

  • A Choice to Make
  • A Caution to Heed
  • and thirdly,

Bring it Home:

III. There’s A Command to Follow

Let’s look deeper at who is the “narrow gate”. Read John 10:9

In this passage we see that the “gate” is ____________.

What is the result of those who enter the gate?

Read Deuteronomy 30:19

What does God ask the children of Israel in the Old Testament to choose?

Who does God declare to them in v. 20 “is Life”?


So coming full circle, God has a Kingdom, and a Way

for you and me. God the Father was the Life in the Old Covenant,

and in the New Covenant, Jesus declares, He is the Life! But we have to choose

personally and individually.

Read John 14:6

In what three ways does Jesus describe himself?

How does one come to the Father according to Jesus?

In previous weeks: Jesus shared in the Sermon on the Mount about How to be blessed in this

life. He challenged attitudes, loyalty, and raised the bar on our understanding. In closing

Today: Jesus extends an invitation into God’s Kingdom. Have you answered His invitation?

Close it out:

What was your one compelling take-a-way this week?

Anything changed in your understanding of How to Enter?

Let’s Pray

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