Session 3: Count the Cost


Last week we looked at the difference between going along with Jesus and following Jesus. You may be curious to explore Jesus’ statement about hating your father and mother. Don’t worry! We’ll circle back to that in a later session. From looking at Jesus’ statement to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me in session 10 of the Know segment, we understand He was saying to deny your own will and do the will of the Father just as Jesus did(Luke 22:42). In this session we are going to look at the cost of such a commitment.  

Break the Ice

  • Choose and discuss which statement best represents how you use the instructions for something that requires assembly?
    • A)I follow them word for word
    • B) I look at them, but just for general guidance
    • C) I just use the picture on the box
    • D) I have someone else do it 

Bring the Word

Read Luke 14:27-30

  • Is this passage specific to considering discipleship?
  • Is it biblical to apply it to other aspects of our lives?(financial planning, business planning, etc.)Why or why not?
  • What cost must you consider when building a tower/building?
  • What are some of the costs of being a disciple?
  • What benefit is there to counting the cost of being a disciple?
  • What happens if you are only willing to pay part of the cost?
  • Is it possible to incur costs that you didn’t plan for?
  • What commitment is required to overcome the unforeseen cost of discipleship?
  • How possible would it be to go through the process of building a tower without some sort of visualization of what the end product was supposed to look like?
  • If discipleship is the process, what is the end result supposed to look like?
  • When do we finish building our tower?

Bring it Home

Read Luke 9:57-62 and Matthew 19:29

  • What are some things we may be called to give up as part of our commitment to being a disciple of Christ?
  • Is there any aspect of our lives we are able to withhold from Christ?
  • Look at this list and ask the question “What does it look like to put Christ before_____?”
  • Family, career, housing, possessions, comfort, safety, prosperity, vacation, retirement, relaxation, hobbies, habits, friends, politics, freedom, personal choice, justice, expectations, etc.

Begin a Discipline

Spend some time praying and reflecting this week on where you are in your walk with God. What commitments have you made? What commitments do you need to consider? How much does your life look like Christ?

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