Gospel of John – Session 8


Break the Ice.

  • What has been your biggest loss in life?

Bring the Word. 

Assessing the Situation – Read John 6:1-7

  • Why did Jesus ask the question, “Where are we to buy bread?”
  • How did Philip respond?
  • At this point, Philip had already seen Jesus perform miracles. How would Philip’s response have differed had he been fully convinced of Jesus’ miraculous power?
  • You could say Philip responded based on what he could see. How do you and I face circumstances based on what we can see?

Redeeming the Situation – Read John 6:8-14

  • Andrew introduces Jesus to the only resources available, but how do we know that Andrew still had doubts?
  • What are some of the differences between Philip’s response and the boy’s response?
  • What is Jesus able to do with a boy’s snack lunch?
  • What is Jesus able to do with our humble offerings, our inadequate abilities, and our small resources?
  • Wouldn’t it be just like God to use a small church like Antioch Georgetown to make a big difference in the world? What should our attitude be towards our humble beginnings?

Thought: God only multiplies what we are willing to let go of!

Bring it Home.

  1. Action Questions:
    • What’s one way you can invest your time and energy this coming week?
    • What’s one way you can invest your money and possessions this coming week?
  2. Prayer:
    • How can we pray for you?


Read John 5 before next week!

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