Gospel of John – Session 9


Break the Ice.

  • Finish this sentence. “I feel old when…”

Bring the Word. 

Read John 5:1-5

  • John tells us about the man’s physical state; he’s been ill or 38 years. What might be infer about his possible emotional or spiritual state?
  • Do you think his hope in being made well grew or diminished over the years?
  • How do you maintain a strong faith when our hopes or desires aren’t immediately met?

Read John 5:6-9

  • How would you describe Jesus’ question to the man in verse 6?
  • Why do you think he asked it?
  • Are there sick people who don’t desire to get well? (Challenge people to think in terms of spiritual sickness not just physical sickness.)
  • How did the man respond to Jesus in verse 7?

Thought: God may have a different plan, but it’s always a better plan. We often think there is only one solution to our problem. “I’ll get out of this mess when “A” happens.” “My marriage will get better when “B” happens.” But often we see God move and work in unexpected ways. God is not limited to our solutions to our problems.

  • How did Jesus heal the man differently than the way he was expecting?

Bring it Home.

  1. Action Questions:
    • What’s a struggle in your life where you need God’s miraculous work?
    • If you were honest, is your hope growing or diminishing that God will come through?
    • If you were honest, are you limiting God to a plan A solution, or are you open to Him working in unexpected ways?
  2. Prayer:
    • How can we pray for you?


Read John 19 before next week!

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