Our Culture – Session 5

Break the Ice.

  • What job/career would you be terrible at?  You’re Fired!

Bring the Word.

This month we are focusing on our 2nd culture statement: Life Change.  In these 3 chapters of Romans, we’re taught about how our mindset must change in the life of believers.  We change from a “me-centered” life to a “Christ-centered” and “others-centered” life.  

A Me-Centered Life

  • In what ways are babies and children “me-centered.”
  • In what ways are teenagers “me-centered.”
  • In what ways are adults “me-centered.”


A Christ-Centered Life

Read Romans Romans 12:1-2

  • What does Paul mean by “offer your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice?”
  • According to verse 1, what is worship?
  • Why is it important to “renew our minds?”


An Others-Centered Life

Read Romans 12:3-21

  • How are we biblically supposed to think of ourselves?
  • How are we supposed to use our spiritual giftings? (see verse 6-9; toward others!)
  • In verses 9-21, Paul lists several practical ways to live an “others-centered” life. Which one do you find most challenging?
  • How do many of these run contrary to our natural tendencies?



Bring it Home.

  • If a jury examined your life last week, would they accuse you of being me-centered, Christ-centered, or others-centered?
  • How can we pray for you?


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