Our Culture – Session 6

Break the Ice.

  • Would you rather the world run out of cheese or butter?

Bring the Word.

This month we are focusing on our 3rd culture statement: Genuine Faith.  Sometimes “faith” is often misconstrued as some sort of abstract belief or teaching.  However, in Scripture, we see that genuine faith is always rooted in a very real promise and always responds in a very real obedience.

The Promise Made

  • Read Genesis 15:15-22
  • What was the promise?
  • What made this so significant?
  • How was Abraham’s plan different from God’s plan?


The Promise Fulfilled

  • Read Genesis 21:1-8
  • God certainly fulfilled the promise He made to Abraham. (You could say He has a 100% track record!)
  • What implications does this have for us, knowing that God’s promises will always be fulfilled?


The Promise Tested

  • Read Genesis 22:1-2
  • What would you have done?
  • Read Genesis 22:3
  • What kind of faith would it require to obey as Abraham did? (Hint: Genuine)
  • How are faith and obedience interconnected?



Bring it Home.

  • The rest of the story.  God provided a sacrifice, a ram, to take the place of Isaac.  God also provides a sacrifice for you and I. His name is Jesus.  He died in our place.
  • Have you placed your complete faith in the Promise found in Jesus Christ?
  • How can we pray for you?


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