Episode 12: Ungrateful and Unthankful

Break the Ice.

  • What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Bring the Word. 

Read Exodus 16:1-7
  • Thinking back to when God delivered Israel from Egypt and thinking how God parted the Red Sea, what might you expect Israel’s attitude to be?
  • Only one month had passed since since Israel left Egypt. What is their attitude now?
  • What does God tell Moses He will do?

Read Exodus 16:8-22

  • How does God provide for Israel? How often does He provide? What does this tell you about God?
  • What happened to the food when people tried to save it for the next day?
  • How much were the people supposed to gather on the sixth day? Why?

Read Exodus 16:31-36

  • What did the manna taste like?
  • Why did God ask Israel to keep some in jars for generations to come?

Bring it Home.

  • How can we remember daily the sacrifice Jesus made for us?
  • How can we have an attitude of gratitude instead of an attitude of grumbling?
  • Why is that important?
  • Anything going on in your life you’d like to share with us?
  • How can we pray for one another?

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