Episode 2: Isaiah

Check out this video from Pastor Andy:


Read Isaiah 52:1-5 

  • What is this verse speaking about when it says Zion? (Zion is a Hebrew synonym for Jerusalem).
  • How would you describe Zion’s situation?
  • How is Zion’s situation affecting God?
  • Which is worse the oppression of Zion or the blaspheming of God’s name?

Read Isaiah 52:9-10

  • If you were a Jew in this time without the knowledge we have of Christ how might you view the redeeming of Jerusalem and the salvation of God?
  • What do you think “the Lord will lay bare his holy arm” (v.10) means?

Key Verse

Read Isaiah 53:1-6, John 12:37-41

  • Who or what is the arm of the Lord? How does it connect to Isaiah 52:9-10 (“the Lord will bare his holy arm”)?

Read Isaiah 53:7-9, Matthew 26:59-63, 27:57-60

  • Aside from fulfilling prophecy, why do you think Jesus remained silent?
  • What other time or times during Jesus’s suffering did he remain silent? Why?

Key Truth

Read Isaiah 53:10-12

  • Do you think it was a greater sacrifice of Jesus facing the physical torment on the cross or “being numbered with the transgressors” and bearing “the sin of many?”
  • How can we pray for you?

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