Episode 3: Purpose of the Church, Part 2 – Baptism

In the Words of Jesus

Read Matthew 28:16-20

  • How long is the process of making a disciple? Of baptizing a disciple? Of teaching a disciple?
  • Is there any overlap in any of these three?
  • What reasons might there be for the placement of baptism after making disciples and before teaching?
  • Does the Bible speak of more than one baptism? 

What Did the Apostles Say?

Read Acts 19:1-7, Psalm 51:3-4 (Romans 3:23, Genesis 39:9)

  • How does Paul describe “John’s baptism”?
  • What must we repent of?
  • Who do we repent to?
  • How does “John’s Baptism” represent baptizing in the name of the Father?

Read Acts 2:36-38

  • What reason does Peter give for baptizing in Jesus name?
  • Is this the same thing as “John’s baptism”? Why or why not?

Read Acts 1:4-5, John 14:25-26,

  • What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy spirit?
  • What are some purposes of the Holy Spirit in believers?
  • Is baptism with the Holy Spirit different from “John’s baptism” and/or baptizing in Jesus’ name? Why or why not?

Bring it Home

Read Acts 2:38 and Matthew 28:19

  • Besides the physical action of baptism, does the way we are commanded to baptize in Matthew give us further instructions? 
  • In the physical action of baptism what symbols of repenting, or submitting, to God do you see?
  • What symbols of the process Jesus endured for our forgiveness do you see?
  • What symbols of the anointing by the Holy Spirit are there?
  • How can we pray for you?

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